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Make healthier choices

6 years as a NASM Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach,

I have helped hundreds of women lose weight, gain muscle, and get rid of pain. I specialize in mindset, habit behaviors, and corrective exercises! (Yes, I work with men too!)

I’m here to make an impact, so let’s START!

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Workout Options

Every body is different, so I made sure you can choose a plan that works best for you.


Virtual training offers you an affordable path to achieving your fitness goals without breaking the bank. You will receive personalized attention, guidance, and accountability from a dedicated coach. Weekly virtual check-ins ensure you stay on track and receive expert advice, even at a distance. Virtual training is the ideal choice for those who seek results without compromising their budget or schedule.

Group Training

Achieve more together with cost-effective Group Training. Benefit from professional fitness guidance, push your limits, celebrate successes, overcome challenges, and build lasting friendships with your workout companions. Group Training strikes a balance between affordability and motivation, making it a popular choice for those who thrive in a supportive fitness community.


Experience one-on-one training, where your goals become an exclusive fitness masterpiece. With personalized attention from an expert Fitness & Nutrition Coach, your fitness journey becomes a work of art, whether you seek weight loss, muscle gain, or total wellness. This choice ennsures unparalleled results! Ideal for those who demand the utmost in personalization and excellence. Your path to fitness greatness begins here.



Unlock unmatched benefits! Every workout is tailored to your goals and abilities, ensuring personalized attention, expert guidance, and rapid progress. Achieve your fitness dreams – reach out today to design your perfect plan. Don't miss this transformational opportunity!

Meet Daniella!

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“Daniella is a PRO!! I lost over 10 lb.s in less than 5 weeks with her! She encouraged me so much and programmed me to prepare for a big hiking goal of mine! I couldn’t believe the results I was feeling already in just one week! I highly recommend you work with her, even if just for a few sessions, YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE after this investment!!

-male, 45

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“Since I started my weight-loss journey with Daniella I’m down 20 lbs.! I haven’t been this weight in a while. She’s making my dream come true! She has also helped me deal with bad shoulder and knee pain and taught me the importance of stretching and moving my body everyday. Everybody should work with a trainer ever so often if they can because I know for a fact that I couldn't do this without her help, motivation and accountability”

- Female, 58

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“Just wanted to say that today was exactly what I expected when purchasing these training sessions! I’ve had 3-4 other trainers before but none have been able to identify problem areas so quickly. I also VERY MUCH appreciated the stretching at the end -never had that before but in leaving the gym, I can feel a new spring in my step. Thank you!”

- female, 33

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Training Facility in

West Hollywood, California

Tel. (213) 375-8528

Email: fitdaniimoves@gmail.com

Social: @bsbodysoulfit